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Pay off those debts.

Get a job.

Now you have a job. Get better at it. Earn some more.

Grow in your new career.

Learn some stuff.

Stop trying to learn so much.

Get more time. Save more time.

Make more stuff.

Write a list. Don’t write a list.


Plan to write. Make time to write.

Earn more money.

Tidy up.

Feed everyone.

Home school. Be better at home school. You used to be a teacher for god’s sake.

Figure things out. …

This is what came up when I searched free images for “creative November”


Photo by dhe haivan on Unsplash

by Drobot Dean, sourced from Adobe Stock

Photo by esp2k, licensed through Adobe Stock

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov from Pexels

1. There is so much to learn!

Photo by Africa Studio sourced at Adobe Stock

By Hypnotik Photography licensed through Adobe Stock

Photo by Negative Space through

Photo by Tookapic on Pexels

Lisa W

Writer, photographer, tamer of animals, mother of cats, grower of trees & plants, herbal concoctress, occasional comedian. Blogs at

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